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Ankle Sprain Recovery Time

Ankle sprains are a common injury. They can happen playing sports or in everyday life, even just by walking up and down the stairs and missing a step.

Ankle sprains can be minor or serious and ankle sprain injuries are graded in severity from 1 to 3 with 1 being the less severe and 3 being a very serious sprain.

Ankle Sprain Recovery Time

There are so many factors that determine how long an ankle sprain takes to heal like the extent of injury, amount of swelling, type of initial care and the rehabilitation treatment done.

Grade 1 ankle sprains usually involve little swelling and very little tissue damage. Grade 1 anke sprains normally heal in about 2-3 weeks. Patients should rest their ankle for a few days and then do a couple of weeks of strength exercises to rehabilitate.

Grade 2 ankle sprains are probably the most common. These types of sprains can vary in recovery time length. Typically they heal in 4-6 weeks with proper initial care and rest. There is usually more swelling then in Grade I ankle sprains.

Grade 3 ankle sprains are the most severe and problematic. These type of ankle injuries take 2-3 months. These ankle injuries will have the most tissue damage and swelling. Proper care and treatment is necessary to ensure that recovery doesn’t go beyond this time frame.

If ankle sprains are not taken seriously they can re-occur and the ankle pain may become chronic.

Most ankle sprains should be treated under the R.I.C.E protocol which is rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Always consult your physician or health care provider for all questions concerning diagnosis and treatment of ankle injuries.

Watch this video about treating sprained ankles.

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